• Established name, over 20 years old.
  • Short dot-com with almost infinite utility.
  • Catchy name to distinguish product or product line.

This domain is a premium name. It is an aged dot-com with 23 years of history that could lend legitimacy to a new and untested brand. Many large companies do not want to risk dilution of their main or core brand; so, a name like this would allow market separation if acquired and marketed as such.

eDrink could be a brand or line of energy drinks. eDrink could also refer to electrolyte-infused water or a caffeinated seltzer beverage. eDrink could be developed as an electronic alcoholic drink / beverage delivery service. It could be available as both a phone app and a website.

Thinking towards the future, eDrink could be a virtual bar or tavern in a fully developed world fueled by virtual reality, haptics, and artificial intelligence.

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eDrink is a short, premium, aged, dot-com domain that has multiple use cases across a variety of different industries.

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